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Rare photos of NBA star, Carl “The Mailman” Malone, and movie actor Al Lewis who played Grandpa Munster on the television show The Munsters.  Al’s son attended B/C All-Star Camp. Al loved basketball and spent his time scouting the top high school prep stars throughout the nation.  NCAA basketball official Hank Nichols established the nation’s most elite Officials Camp at B/C All-Star Camp.  “Attendees had the opportunity to officiate games with players who could play above the rim”, stated Charlie Bloodsworth.  Photos showing Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune fame at age 18 modeling for our B/C Camp and Converse Rubber Company.  NBA great Dominick Wilkens in a photo at B/C Camp along with Kevin McHale.  Photos showing North Carolina legendary coach, Norvell Lee and the female athlete of the century, Jackie Joyner Kersee and Coach Tom Mosca.  Another photo showing “Rooster” an entertainer from the Big Easy performing for hundreds of college coaches visiting our camp at our national sites, Georgia, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Broken Glass after B/C Slam Dunk

J.R. "Junior" Harris, Bill Bolton &
Karl "The Mailman" Malone

Officials' Staff Directors -
Hank Nichols (2nd from left)
& Don Shea (far right)

Bill Bolton, "Grandpa Munster"
& Stan Hardin

Wheel of Fortune star -
Vanna White & Bill Bolton

The late Norvell Lee (center) a coaching
legend in North Carolina.
A strong disciplinarian that was
beloved by all B/C staff, players
and camp coaches.
His famous quote "...that goes for
loddy, dody and every-damn-body...
or I'll send you back home to ya mama!!

Stan Hardin & 6'5" Teresa Yingling

Coach Tom Mosca singing
"House of the Rising Sun"

Rooster - Top entertainment
from the Big Easy

B/C staff take a break in our nation’s capital. (L to R) John Kucella, Brad Bolton, Brian Hardin, Stan & Tish Hardin, Bull & Mary Ann Bolton